Lionel Messi named global brand ambassador Tata Motors'

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Lionel Messi named global brand ambassador Tata Motors'

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 03, 2015 11:32 pm

Tata Motors has roped football star Lionel Messi as a global brand ambassador for your car. To begin with, Tata Motors club #madeofgreat launch campaign with Lionel Messi morning. This is the first time that the automotive sector with the brand ambassadors are leading a campaign Markenverband total, the company said Fifa Coins.

The company also announced soon shoot a limited edition exclusive area, merchandising association. The largest automaker Tata Motors of India fought in Argentine football icon Lionel Messi as the global brand ambassador for the segment of passenger cars, where the company has roped. "What drives us from within It is what makes us so great power. "

Mayank Pareek, President of the Business Unit passenger car, said: "We are very pleased to have Lionel Messi on board There's talent in abundance with conviction and is an icon for the youth of today who said .. The game is football His magical determination on the ground is impressive, it's a winner that is trustworthy, reliable, simple and driven by self-confidence, which is the basic idea of ??the future-oriented campaign.

"As we continue to expand our presence in the world, Messi unique ability to appeal transcends regions worldwide, making it the ideal place to represent our brand, and internationally person. This is Cheap Fut Coins the first series campaign and many more it will develop as we continue in this long-term partnership. We hope our customers, this new campaign and look forward to your continued support. "he said.


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