PlayStation boss: virtual reality raises the rulebook game design

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PlayStation boss: virtual reality raises the rulebook game design

Post by Admin on Sun Mar 20, 2016 6:56 pm

She said Andrew House PlayStation VR headset fully provide new gaming experiences, leveling the traditional game industry power structures. Virtual reality could be a great leveler for the gaming industry, so small studies to make scdkey a significant impact, creating a new experience that would be impossible in a traditional console.

This is the opinion of Andrew House, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, which was discovered just a £ 349 price point for their virtual reality helmet PlayStation. The establishment in October, while VR future is far from certain, and while the rules of successful design experience still draw (many types of classic video games in the world VR simply does not translate not) there, House creates new possibilities interesting.

"What is fascinating how VR rewrote the rulebook of what should be the design of the game," he said. "The playing field is leveled in terms of production values." What encourages me is that there is an opportunity for small developers with simple game mechanics that are very well done to the RV experience more likely to have a significant presence, as they would in a console great success. It is fascinating. "

Although many of the 100 games are in development for the platform of the major publishers like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft, there are also tracks more experimental as director of football sim frames and interactive puzzle title Tumble VR Supermassive Games, format is probably shorter to support more experiential way, the user does not need a headset for long hours of use - and independent studies have so much experience in this area of ??the largest teams.


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