CABAL Online has recently released a huge update to the game

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CABAL Online has recently released a huge update to the game

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 21, 2015 11:16 pm

There's a new Sheriff Patch city, and the name Rising Force. CABAL Online has recently released a huge update to the game, including a new enhanced PvP setting a challenging dungeons and a skill. Rising Force led a 1v1 PvP ranking system works cross-server. If this is your kind of bag you can choose a standard or ladder battle. The latter is only available at certain times after the race schedule.

CABAL Online latest patch opened the doors to the Tower of the Undead B3F, time attack dungeon broken parties can swallow seven players and spitting them out and defeated (or rich and triumphant). Rising Force also includes new gear, a chic hoverbike and more than a hundred extra services. Last week, we have the story CABAL Online has always been a brand new expansion-Soul and Siena! However, we learned that the expansion was first on the European version of the game, not the US and EU versions.

Well, OGPlanet is quick to update and now the US version will be financed with soul and Siena. The game is updated as of today, and the player is able to get all the new things. Soul and Siena, two game content updates-the acquisition of the soul opportunities for players above level 120 and the first floor of the Altar of Siena Dungeon-but it also offers the new sub-password system.

Sub passwords players will have their accounts with a 4-digit PIN code can be set to their character, their camp (banks), and to make their equipment to insure possible. These pins can all be different and must be entered in a randomized digital keyboard, so that even the paranoid player safe when it comes to feel hacked. Interested for a look at some of the new features and see the Altar of Siena? We kindly expansion enclosed trailer for you just below!

More news and information about Cabal, please click here:


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