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Recovery Hasenohren

Post by Admin on Fri May 29, 2015 10:42 pm

I think the Black Lion was re-sell rabbit ears that do not get a chance to buy dd and they are so cute! I'm not sure this will happen to look know, but I saw the items come from time to time. I agree with you that this is a very pleasant subject. Keep your eye on the store and maybe they'll make a comeback!

So basically, I returned to cheap GW2 gold and I think I find it really annoying is the guy. View Charr in the game in the artwork and wallpapers look so kitten. They are much thinner and have more human proportions. I do not like the way they operate on four legs so they look like little kittens. Most of the armor was not designed for them, and can see clearly. The head is a way down, it seems that his back is broken.

I love the tradition and history of the charr, but remember the game that blows with a broken back. I really want to play this race, but it's so fun to see the A-Net. This is just my opinion, so I wonder if anyone else feels the same xD. Perhaps more customization-A Net as a Charr can love in addition to see the photo? What do you think?

You can not agree. These Charr Mesmer and guards really make my eyes bleed.However, the Charr not need retouching, simply they have to be removed from the character creation screen. Solved all the problems. At level 1, there were actually two types of Charr, the roles were InCharge and beasts. The papers were recovering, while whites were folded.

None of them really like the charr we have now, but that is at least similar to the brutes.I think it would be great to have two attitudes, but to be more realistic for them anyway for balance physics. Charr in Guild Wars 2 are weighed in and must fall.

Thank you guys very good feedback! appreciate it.I know, I'm not the only one.I are a warrior race so they should not look ugly and frightening. I wonder what they think A-net? I do not know how much effort is to make these changes in character creation, but I think we would see many more ppl play Charr. Many people play people just because they are all in the end-game armor look good.

I do not thank you, while a big fan of LV1 Charr, prefer charr in GW2, one reason why I have 11 of them ... I wish we could go up, but should not be reworked. I like the way they run, I like the way they are, do not know, but Charr Flame Legion at all, I find repugnant.

I am sure that more than one out of charr lover will meet soon and explain why the Charr seems, how. Because this is not the first thread of this, and not the last. If I had the links for the information to write myself.

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