Trion Responded To ArcheAge’s Hackshield

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Trion Responded To ArcheAge’s Hackshield

Post by SEO01324 on Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:10 pm

HackShield, an anti-fraud tool box, which is believed to be used by Trion since the start of ArcheAge by the Korean company AhnLab, Inc.,. West players are not traditionally liked this safety programs implementation HackShield ArcheAge recently caused a Redditor to issue secretly install an open letter accusing essential Trion illegally a rootkit on every computer on the third glyph. buy archeage gold

Trion explained that HackShield was chosen by XL Games (the original developers for its international use ArcheAge and can not simply be dropped from Trion.

However, the studio is known imperfections HackShield - it does not have any time to work, and it allows files "harmless" if the game uninstalled. Trion is working on this problem. "But we have made it clear that commercial hack solutions outside the game are certainly not the optimal choice. HackShield is indeed in preventing the vast majority of malicious attempts targeting but it's ArcheAge not infallible The program also has some minor technical problems and could in some cases, leave harmless files on the user's hard disk. That's who although very often installed with all software, we are on a higher standard. To this end, we are working with both developers and HackShield ArcheAge to ensure that the program be easy to clean and completely removed in all circumstances. "

Trion argues that although pirate figures are few, their impact can be severe. And ever the team is working on the elimination of these few negative elements of the game. According to Trion, the game is still legal and may be with the consent of the user everything that comes under the "patch" that you choose to install to play the game installed.archeage gold seller


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