PVPers - What's the fastest way to level alts in the current build?

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PVPers - What's the fastest way to level alts in the current build?

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 08, 2015 11:46 pm

I have a VR14, VR and some other areas. I burned leveling, and I have not played for a while. The tasks were fun the first time through, but can not for the three new factions.

I remember there were some good points Crag grind some time buy Elder Scrolls online Gold. Some who have been nerfed, I heard. What are the most effective ways to level alts these days?

I must add, according to the skills you want to use in the end, some additional grinding is required: If you are the last wizard guild, Meteor, which is fashionable now Magicka built, it is necessary to use the maximum line competition means grab any book of tradition in its second VR-Zone.

Fighters Guild is a little easier, the level if you focus on the undead and Daedra grinding. Dungeons run is the only way to get the skills grinding line Undeterred, causing the main mission line is the only line of the soul and steal and pick locks, the only way to grind grind prestidigitation. And, of course, PVP is the only way to get the support of attack and skills.

They also obviously need enough skill points fragments of sky and search lines that give unlock and transform their construction skills.More news and information about Elder Scrolls Online, just at http://www.vgolds.com/The-Elder-Scrolls-Online/Gold/231-3-1.html


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